This month, for the first time, I started playing ring games on a regular basis. Previously, I would play cash games only once in a while. I’d get frustrated easily, and give up. Or I would play in a game that was too high for my bankroll, I would play too timidly in fear of putting a big dent in my bankroll. In short, I had no plan.

I’ve been reading many of the various articles on the subject of bankroll management and I have come up with a set of rules. Most of these were influenced by Chris Ferguson’s articles on Full Tilt.

1. 1000 BBs in your bankroll for the level I’m playing. I started with $20 so my current level is the 1/2 cent tables. When my BR reaches $40, I’ll move up to 2/4 cent. And so on.

2. Don’t buy into a SNG for more than 5% of my current BR.

3. I won’t buy into a MTT for more than 2% of my BR. I do have a couple exceptions to this rule. I will play in the TPL on Pokerstars, which is a $1.10 buy-in. The same goes for my home game on PS.

4. If I hit a losing streak, I MUST move down in stakes as my BR dictates.

This is probably a little conservative for micro stakes, But I’m sticking to it.

At the time of this posting. I have more than doubled my BR and I am almost ready to move up in stakes!