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The Johnny Chan Play

I use this play several times in tournaments and it almost always works.

We’ve all played in these tournaments where there is always one guy that bets out at every flop, hit or miss.   This play is a good way to neutralize these players.


There, I’ve said it.  I’m done with Poker Star’s Freerolls.   They’ve been fun for me for a long time, but not any more.  Time to move on.

My disposable income has increased a little so maybe I can invest a little money and buy into some higher level tourneys and improve my game.  I’ve trickled up to 35 bucks through freerolls over the past year.  (playing off and on)

Before, I played just to unwind after work, just for fun.  But I’d just as well go to Pogo and play bingo the way some of these idiots play these freerolls.  It’s not helping my game.

I’ve never been much of a “blog guy”. I’ve started a few in the past, but for whatever reason, never followed through and quit updating after a few posts. This one may suffer the same fate but for now, I’m committed to it.

I’m going to use this blog to discuss, analyze, and bitch about my online poker results. Not an original concept, but I’m mainly doing this for myself.

A couple months ago, I started playing in the Poker Stars Twitter League. Its only a $1 buy in, Poker Stars re-tweets player comments, and broadcasts results over Twitter. It’s a very fun and sociable event.

I was able to make a few new friends through this, and I hope that this blog will be an expansion of that.

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